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Mozart Without The Charm

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Sarah made me do this. [Jan. 24th, 2011|08:50 pm]
Mozart Without The Charm

Ex: What would #1 and #5 do if they were trapped in a room together with a gun.


[User Picture]From: safenthecity
2011-01-25 01:53 am (UTC)
4 and 12 wake up naked in bed together, unable to remember what led them there. What do they assume happened, and what actually happened?

1 and 7 both want the very last Lady Gaga ticket. To what lengths do they go to ensure that concert is theirs?

14 and 3 wake up with superpowers which bind them by fate. So do 5 and 6. Which duo become the villains, which become the heroes, and who wins the final showdown for humanity?
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[User Picture]From: skywise_fhar
2011-01-25 02:02 am (UTC)
- Um...Wow...ok...yeah. 4 assumes that she seduced 12 with her crazy and knowledge of bad vaudeville, when really 12 is a heartless bitch and could talk a rock into breaking in half if she wanted. 12 probably just wanted to assert her dominance because she could.

-1 and 7 would love Gaga beyond anything you can imagine. 7 would seduce all the right people (including Gaga) to get those tickets and would succeed. 1 would swagger his way into the box office and blow the worker's mind with strange semantics and would either succeed or get slapped.

- 5 and 6 are DEFINITELY the heroes. 14 and 3 would win though. 3 speaks every language imaginable and 14 is fucking crazy but is a cartoon character and therefore indestructible. They would combine their crazy and experience and totally overthrow 5 and 6...5 and 6 would be defeated moreso because 6 would eat 5...
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[User Picture]From: safenthecity
2011-01-25 02:09 am (UTC)
Ok yes when answering you are totally supposed to tell me who the characters are so I can also know why it's funny, you big nerd. ♥

But here we go, the rest of them!

2 and 8 both fall in love with 15. Describe the bitch-off that ensues, and who does 15 pick?

9 and 11 are both in prison and end up as cellmates. What are their crimes, what tomfoolery does their escape plan entail, and does it succeed?

10 and 13 get drunk, and also stoned. Please tell me about their conversation, and also their quest for snackfood.
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[User Picture]From: skywise_fhar
2011-01-25 02:16 am (UTC)
-Oh god...15 is definitely pretty but there is some MAJOR BAGGAGE there. Ok. 2 and 8 could hold a really epic bitch-off. 2 could pull the mother card and just piss 8 off royally. But in the end, 15 would probably pick 8 because she has a problem with falling for gay men. 2 would stab them both.

-Uh...11 is in for incest and murder. 9 is probably in for rape and drug trafficing. 11 would fight his way out but that wouldn't do much good since he's blind. 9 would just slip into a drug-indiuced coma. So no. No escaping for them.

-10 has a bad trip. A REALLY BAD TRIP. He's got way too much on his mind to be doing any partying. 13 would be able to swipe all the best snackfood from all over the world in a matter of 10 minutes because she's just that damn awsesome. 13 isn't much for philosophizing, so she'd probably get bored and just bilk 10 out of his entire fortune and leave him desititute.
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[User Picture]From: khavi
2011-01-25 01:43 pm (UTC)
7 and 2 win a trip to vegas and end up losing everything gambling. They have to become pole dancers to get enough money for plane tickets home. Who makes the most money?

1 and 11 end up in rehab after a spur of the moment trip to columbia. 14 is their therapist. What secrets are told in their sessions and what is 14s advice for them?

13, 9, 5, and 6 are sitting around when 12 enters and announces he/she has won the mega millions in the lottery. What do 13, 9, 5, and 6 insist 12 spend the money on?
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